Arrival & Networking

(…and more importantly, breakfast!)

Our members arrive from 6:30am for informal networking and unlimited tea and coffee. Our visitor host team will greet you, provide you with a name badge and introduce you to our members, especially those who would make great referral partners for you and your business.

Breakfast is served at 6:45am and followed by our weekly meeting which is chaired by our leadership team and follows a structured agenda that is set out to maximise the business passed in any BNI Chapter.

60 Seconds

During the meeting, our members and visitors all get the opportunity to stand and deliver a 60 second presentation about their business.

This is a perfect opportunity to educate members on who you are, what you do, how you add value and to be specific about the sort of business you’re looking for and who you’d like to speak to.

Just for fun, an award is presented each week to the member who delivers the best 60 second presentation!

10 Minute Presentation

Each week, one member of the Chapter will have the opportunity to deliver a ten minute feature presentation on their business to help maximise the number of quality referrals they receive from co-members by educating them further on what they do and who their ideal clients and referral partners are.


During the meeting, a dedicated section to ‘contributions’ gives members the opportunity to take it turns and thank fellow members for referrals that resulted in confirmed business, or to pass a new referral to another member.

This section of the meeting may also be used for members to deliver a written testimonial to another member that they’ve done business with, to welcome a visitor they may have brought with them, or to mention something positive about their own BNI success story.

Meeting Close & Further Networking

Our weekly meetings end at 8:30am and after the meeting, visitors will have the opportunity to meet with our visitor host team and ask any questions they may have about BNI membership.

Further informal networking tends to take place after each meeting and members often use this time to meet another member on a 1-2-1 basis to further discuss how they can help to refer each other’s businesses.

Want to find out more? Come and visit!