It hasn’t gone unnoticed that business owners who dip in and out of monthly or ad hoc breakfast networking meetings that exclude BNI, often list the regularity of BNI meetings as one of their reasons for not becoming a member.

We hear time and time again that ‘meeting weekly is too often and it isn’t necessary’ however, the hundreds of thousands of members in Henley, Berkshire, UK, and Globally insist otherwise.

Peter McConnell has been a member of the Regatta Chapter of BNI in Henley – on – Thames for only 3 months and is already reaping the benefits of a regular weekly meeting. So much so, we invited him to share his thoughts on why meeting weekly achieves more than a meeting monthly.

Here’s what he had to say…

“I’ve been doing some work around why BNI groups meet on a weekly basis with a particular interest in the initial concept created by the founder of BNI, Dr Ivan Misner.

The major statistic to emerge is that when BNI started, the groups that met fortnightly passed 52% fewer referrals than those who met weekly.”

So why is meeting weekly effective, why do we pass on more business to one another when we meet more often?

Here are the top 5 reasons that explain why weekly networking at BNI is effective:

  1. They are a form of SPACED REPETITION – meaning the repetitive behaviour builds a habit of learning and engagement, which leads to success.
Athletes use interval training to improve performance – we’re doing the same thing. Repeating the same process, using the same format trains the right mindset – in our case the Givers Gain mindset.
  1. The avoidance of BENIGN NEGLECT – where relationships deteriorate over time.
It’s not always intentional, but it is almost always damaging to long-term relationship building. Meeting weekly makes it virtually impossible to neglect the relationships in the room.
  1. PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE – we all know deep down that if you want to excel at anything you need to practice.
Those athletes I mentioned earlier do NOT stop practising when they’ve reached the top, In fact, they practice more. We as business people shouldn’t either. Meeting every week is about improving and learning – it is the conditioning and practice to be a champion in business.
  1. VISIBILITY, CREDIBILITY and PROFITABILITY – these 3 things are all about the process of building relationships that lead to ongoing referrals.
Meeting weekly is a force multiplier to moving through those 3 stages.
  1. Seeing people every single week keeps your fellow members TOP OF MIND – we know we’ll see each other every Wednesday morning, and that familiarity and the BNI structure means we know exactly who within our chapter to give a hot referral too.

The founder of BNI, Dr. Ivan Misner sums this up in one of his famous sayings…

“To be successful in business, you need to do SIX THINGS A THOUSAND TIMES, NOT A THOUSAND THINGS SIX TIMES – meeting every week is a six-things-a-thousand times strategy.”

With thanks and acknowledgement to Dr.Ivan Misner

If you’re interested to hear more about the concept of BNI and how referral marketing can work for your business, we invite you to join us for breakfast at our next meeting and find out how the Regatta Chapter of BNI has generated over £2m for its members since it began.

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